360° operational excellence

TEBO was born in 1982 from the experience of the founding members, gained in the electronics sector. The passion for our work and the love for research and experimentation with innovative and effective solutions, have imposed on us an ambitious goal from the beginning: OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE AT 360°

This was the stimulus that led us to operate in the electronic sector, constantly developing the daily commitment to customer satisfaction.
We have always had the desire to spread and share those ethical and moral values that make our work a process of intellectual and emotional growth in compliance with the rules of the market. In each of our choices we apply not only the best technological innovations, but we try to make our work an experience of sharing human values while respecting the environment and the attitudes of each member of the TEBO team.


We create "tailormade" solutions, what the customer wants

Design and / or assembly of all types of electronic boards and equipment, in SMT and / or THT technology, always keeping our design, production and testing equipment up-to-date as well as the collaboration of primary level suppliers and partners.

Ours are not just customers but real partners, with whom a lasting and effective collaboration is built over time.

  • Industrial automation
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Home automation
  • Renewable energies
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Nautical industry
  • Equipment for sanitation
  • Railway
  • Textile industry
  • Other sectors